11377583_1651351481766218_2099544767_nMy name is Melissa. Please, call me Mel.

I live in beautiful Upstate NY in an intentional community with my two kidlets, our dog and cat. I’m keenly interested in words, the web, publishing, community, democracy, environmentalism and spirituality. Someday I’ll figure out how these all connect. Meanwhile, if you are interested in those things as well, you should say hello.

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What I’m reading

“We get philosophical about it—about how knowing where you are helps you know your place in the world,” he said. Whereas the modern stargazer is … Read more

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Meanwhile, through the years, I told the story of my own meal with Jacques. Often. It’s a good story—heavy but not too heavy, semi-confessional, a … Read more

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“Pape chaired a public meeting this spring and invited a U.S. Army Special Operations Command spokesman to answer questions about Jade Helm. The meeting drew … Read more

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