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wordpressIntuitively and innately, you understand what it is you do.

But having a keen vision of your particular brand of magic is different than shaping effective copy around it.

My name is Melissa Hill. I’m a crafter of words.

I work with solopreneurs and small business owners, coaches, therapists, mystics, yogis, and poets, to develop a vocabulary and create a platform for their heart-centered business goals.

Sometimes that looks like copy writing web content, sales pages, newsletter articles, social media bursts, and blog posts. Or collaborating on scripts and brainstorming strategies to make content creation as painless as possible.

Perhaps it would involve a comprehensive copyedit of a newly written opt-in, e-book, or novel you’re self-publishing, or working up a custom style guide to make the process of creating future digital and print assets easier and more efficient.

Other times, it involves setting up systems, creating custom WordPress installations, and hammering out the technical details of their websites, so the core of your work can shine without you worrying about the digital details.

Tl;dr? I write, edit, and work out WordPress solutions for soulful entrepreneurs and small businesses. Let’s have coffee (over Skype?) and talk about how to get clarity around your content, and your words whipped into shape.